Sunday, November 15, 2009

First Post To A Blog

I have become one of those people who has replaced paper and pen with the internet. Blogging and joining networks, just to put ourseleves out there. It is not a bad or terrible thing, it is just what it is. People like myself and others post our life on the net for others to read or to possibly grow in a deeper understanding of ourselves.

Either case, I am here.

I am here to write about anything and everything, while trying not to think about others reading this and what they may think about what it is I am saying.

So, here I am and here is a bit about myself that will not be found in my profile.

I am as of eleven days ago thirty years old, divorced and I have two children. I play games online, RPG's and games similar to The SIM's. I am social with those who initiate conversations with me, otherwise I am very unsocial, though I have been known to be on a "high" and I am very talkative to anyone who cares to join me. I have had my heart broken more than I can count and I have broken my fair share of hearts as well. I have a few close friends and plenty of associates.

So, this is a piece of me. I have plenty of things to say and I plan on writing it all out over time. You can join me in my journey if you would like, but this is for me and it is a ride that I have to take to adapt to life.